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Selling and Cutting Company

Live fish is our specialty.

Enjoy Live Fish services

We’ve launched a new trend in which you can buy live fish, giving you the ability to enjoy your meal as fresh as possible.

The fish we have available are put on display in well-organized aquariums, adding life to the atmosphere and providing you with a variety of choices.

Customer satisfaction has always been our first priority

Abdul Raheem, Owner of the ARB  fish selling  and cutting  LLC and ARB group of companies


ARB Group

We take part in multiple industries.

ARB fish selling and Cutting LLC

With over 10 fish selling stalls and 60 professionals working 24/7 to serve your needs, we supply top quality fish for your fine dining.

ARB Fish selling and cutting Branches

Our cutting and cleaning team is made up of 300 experts. They work hard to clean and cut each fish to perfection. This will ensure that you will receive your fish in the best condition ever.

Master Fresh Juice

We take pride in producing premium-quality fresh juices made of fruits from around the world. Visit our store and choose from our wide colorful collection of fruits ready to be squeezed to perfection.

Al Merwi Technical Services LLC

We provide a wide range of maintenance, repair, and cleaning services to our customers with ease, using personalized applications tailored to construction sites since 2018.

Master Plus Food stuff trading LLC

Our shop is equipped with all-you-need food products and numerous brands of spices that adds flavor to your meals.

Master Fresh FoodStuff Trading LLC

Top quality frozen fish and chicken offered to individual and wholesale customers.

Why Choose Us?

we know how to treat fish right!

Fish Cutting

Fishing cutting is an art we take seriously! We have hired professional fish cutters who will slice your fish to perfection.

Live Fish

We serve you fresh options by adding live fish to our menu. You can now purchase fish straight from the aquarium.

Fish Selling

We have a wide range of fish ready to be purchased and enjoyed by our customers.


We have specially ordered aquariums from Australia and Canada to match the fish’s low temperature preference.

Latest Updates

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" More than 500 well trained and customer friendly staffs providing 24 hours uninterrupted and quality service to the customers "